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Maintenance Services

This is a list of some of our most commonly requested repair services we hear for Battery Electric Vehicles. If you don't see the service you are looking for, please reach out for a quote and scheduling information.

Model 3/Y suspension squeak 

This is most commonly an upper control arm ball joint. We can replace this for you and get rid of that embarrassing load noise coming from your front end

Aftermarket parts and painting

We sell and install all manner of performance upgrades from suspension parts to body kits to powder coating rims and calipers.

12V battery replacement

While the traction (high voltage) battery powers your electric motor(s), there is also a low voltage (12V) battery to power your electronics inside the vehicle. We can replace this with a similar battery or upgrade you to a long-life (7-year) battery. 

What Our Clients Say

Model 3 squeak.jpg

Alex E. - Austin, TX

Thanks to the folks at Austin EV Only for eliminating my Model 3 suspension squeak. Came out to me the same day and got my car fixed in time for the weekend. 

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